Cyber Security Services

Cyber security Services

Autonomic Enterprise understands the urgency and proactiveness of federal agencies on cyber security as security threats become more sophisticated and digital opportunities multiply in seconds. Security threats are becoming increasingly complex and the nature of the security threat is changing such as advanced persistent threads like Aurora attacks. Autonomic Enterprise team of cyber security experts is ready to help safeguarding the federal agencies’ critical assets. Our cyber security experts have come together with their institutional knowledge and experiences and established the Cyber security Framework of talents, techniques, and tool and technologies to avert threats, minimize risks and capitalize on new technologies promoting growth. Cyber security is a process of learning, monitoring, analyzing, deciding, protecting, and responding to each threat or attach.

Our Cyber security Framework is designed and built based on that process steps and composed of key components: 1) Learning – Understand your IT landscape with potential risks; 2) Monitoring – capture and correlate events, and monitor them across the enterprise IT infrastructure; 3) Analyzing – Understand the nature and severity of every events and visualize the analysis results; 4) Deciding – Make a perfect and precise decision to deal with the incident and balance with mitigations against the business impact; 5) Protecting – Leverage the next generation of security intelligence technology that provides deeper insight to get ahead of future threats — at unprecedented speed and agility; and 6) Responding – Act instantly and fix the damage, determine if and how the attack was successful, and implement deterrents to threats and eliminate known vulnerabilities.

Autonomic Enterprise can identify, classify, and catalog IT and business assets; outline organization’s network, system, and application topology and potential risks/mitigations; Understand vulnerabilities in the network, systems as well as business applications; and understand security awareness and the behavior of employees and their associated working practices. Autonomic Enterprise will leverage our proven Cyber security Framework practice to enable continuous assessment and improvement through the application of risk analysis, techniques, best practices and technology. We are emerging to help any agencies anticipate any endangers; neutralize, limit, and mitigate the impact of those endangers; and react incidentally, effectively, and efficiently in the event of an incident.